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what revelations were given to paul

Acts 1:16 to 23. Trip #2: 47-50 A.D. The Book of Revelation addresses seven letters to seven churches in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) (Revelation 2-3). And he said to me: This is the prophet David; this is the heavenly Jerusalem. But we know thee in the flesh, before thou camest forth out of the world. Remember II Timothy 2:15 and obey it. Burrell had told the Prince of Wales that he would tell all unless the trial was halted.’ Paul Burrell reportedly made about £4 million (A$7.3 million) … And I said to them: Who are you? The risen Lord instructed Paul to give the salvation message to Gentiles to provoke Israel to jealousy. A very slight change in the Greek text would give this reading. As Saul of Tarsus, he was met by the resurrected Christ near Damascus, between 34 A.D. and 38 A.D., Acts 9:1 to 15. For often, of a truth, even the angel besought God on account of the rain; and I heard, Be patient until Elias my beloved shall pray, and I send rain upon the earth. And there was then a great light. [2537] Isaiah 22:13; 1 Corinthians 15:32. [2543] Revelation 11:3-12. “Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles before me.” “I conferred not with flesh and blood.” Galatians 1:16 and 17. And he said to me: These are they who did not listen to their parents, but before their marriage defiled their virginity. [2531] Command us to be with them. And he set me upon [2544] the river whose source springs up in the circle of heaven; and it is this river which encircleth the whole earth. And the Judge says to the angel: I say to thee the angel, Disclose all. 787. Unlike the Eleven, in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 and 20, Christ sent Paul, not to baptize. All these actions testify to the fact that he cares. [2552] And while he was yet speaking with me, I saw another coming afar off, and the appearance of him was as the appearance of an angel. So that every one who sings the Alleluia glorifies God. The Apostle Paul wrote about one-half of the Books of what are generally called the “New Testament Scriptures.” It is generally believed that he wrote about one-half of his messages before the close of the “Acts” period and about one-half of them after the close of the “Acts” period. Then what followed? And the Lord said to it: Knowest thou not that he who wrongs any one in the world is kept, as soon as he dies, in the place until he whom he has wronged come, and both shall be judged before me, and each receive according to his works? He had many revelations from the Lord. And he said to me: These are the thieves, and slanderers, and flatterers, who did not set up God as their help, but hoped in the vanity of their riches. Acts 13:2; Acts 9:15; Ephesians 3:3. [2555] And the second said: I am Jeremiah, whom the Jews stoned, but they remained burnt up with everlasting fire. And I asked the angel: My lord, for what reason have they been put aside before the doors of the city? They will come to life and rule with Christ for 1,000 years. In Acts 9:1 to 15, we have the record of Paul’s (Saul’s) conversion. There are seven of those mysteries. And the ruler, seeing it sealed up with lead, sent it to the King Theodosius, thinking that it was something else. And the disciples rejoiced because of this repentance unto life. No “Berean” who searches the Scriptures will believe that Peter was intrusted with Paul’s message and ministry. And the angel who was with me led me forth, and said unto me: Lo, unto thee is given this mystery and revelation. And the angel says to me: Hast thou seen all these things? And I asked the angel: Who are these, my lord? And in succession they told me their names from Abraham to Manasseh. Matthew 19:29. [2551] Matthew 24:30. Acts 9:20. what excuse hast thou come to give to God? Paul looked BEYOND the fall and God's commission to BEFORE creation. Remember, Saul never persecuted Gentile Christians. And that soul said: I have not sinned, O righteous Judge. And the angel brought me to the south of the city, where the river of milk is. While this voice was yet speaking, there came another, crying: Blessed art thou, Paul. And he said to me: This old man whom thou seest was a presbyter; and when he had eaten and drunk, then he performed the service of God. And the angel says to me: This is the holy Mary, the mother of the Lord. [2539] Matthew 5:7. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Paul Posluszny was selected for the Pro Bowl in… Show Show. [2526] The mss. Many times during the “Acts” period we find the words “miracles”, “signs”, “visions”, “tongues”, etc. The DISPENSATION OF THE GRACE OF GOD FOR GENTILES is mentioned by Paul in connection with THE MYSTERY which Christ revealed to him. And I asked the angel: Who are these, my lord? And the heaven was shaken like a leaf, and I saw the four and twenty elders lying on their face; and I saw the altar, and the throne, and the veil; and all of them entreated the glory of God; [2550] and I saw the Son of God with glory and great power coming down to the earth. The original Greek version of the Apocalypse is lost, although heavily redacted versions still exist. Neh. 68, 69). And the angel said to me: Look down to the earth, and behold the soul of the impious, how it goes forth from its tabernacle, which has provoked God to anger, saying, Let us eat and drink; [2537] for who is it that has gone down to Hades, and come up and announced that there is judgment and retribution? And he said to me: Yes, the root of all evils is vainglory. Certainly not one of the Twelve knew the first thing about that mystery before Galatians 2:1 to 2 (not earlier than 46 A.D.). It was borne by a number of other early saints and six popes. And I asked the angel: My lord, what is the meaning of Alleluia? This is so evident that even the babe in Christ should see it at a glance. And I saw a golden gate, and two golden pillars before it, and two golden plates upon it full of inscriptions. When these things, therefore, had been thus said to me by the angel, he led me outside of the city, and the Acherusian lake, and the good land, and set me upon the river of the ocean that supports the firmament of the heaven, and said to me: Knowest thou where I am going? And I said to the angel: Is this the greatness of men? And he said to me: These are the names of the righteous, and of those who serve God. Although in Acts 9:15 (about 34 A.D.) Paul was told that he was to be a witness to Gentiles, he never mentioned the GOSPEL OF THE GRACE OF GOD until Acts 20:24 (about 59 A.D.). And in like manner also the sea cried out, saying: Lord God Almighty, the sons of men have profaned Thy holy name; command me, and I shall rise up and cover the earth, and wipe out from it [2530] the sons of men. [2556] Here the [Greek]ms. abruptly ends. Know, ye sons of men, that the whole creation has been made subject to God; but the human race alone, by sinning, provokes God to anger. And there came a voice to him: My long-suffering endures them all, that they may repent; but if not, they shall come to me, and I will judge them. Confess thy sins which thou hast done in the world. [2531] Comp. Galatians 2:7. It is a risky thing for any person to claim that God has given them visions when, in reality, he has not done so. And the angel who was with me led me forth, and said unto me: Lo, unto thee is given this mystery and revelation. We learn by reading Acts 8:5 to 17 that Evangelist Philip worked under the authority of the Twelve.. . Whether he lets Onesimus go back free to serve Paul, or keeps him in his service, things cannot remain as they were. iii. And I threw myself on my face, entreating the goodness of God, because He had had mercy upon me, and had delivered me from the race of the Hebrews. (David Wood) Muhammad's Revelations Were Self Serving; Paul's Weren't (Pv M 15) Skip to main content. [2556], [2525] 2 Corinthians 12:4. And the angel said to me: Look to the earth. However, Paul also mentions a second trip to Jerusalem in Galatians 2:1-2: "Then after an interval of fourteen years [47-50 A.D.?] [The close of the English translation of the Syriac version is given in full by Tischendorf (pp. And the angel took me again to the east of the city, and I saw there Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. And he said to me: These are they who have given themselves up to God; for they are brought into this city. And the angel said to me:... [2542] of the angels, such as serve Him well are acknowledged by God. Remember that Paul received his abundance of revelations about 46 A.D., about the same year the door of faith was opened to the Gentiles (Acts 14:27; II Corinthians 12.1 to 12). The Twelve Apostles learned this fact when Christ sent Paul to Jerusalem by revelation (14 years after Galatians 1) Galatians 2:1. Paul revealed in Ephesians and Colossians, written several years after he wrote Galatians, deeper and higher truths concerning Christ and His Church than he revealed in Galatians Many of the glorious riches of the members of Christ’s Body, declared in Ephesians and Colossians, are not recorded in Paul’s messages written before he arrived at Rome as the prisoner of the Lord. We'd like to help. 9:13,14:... Continue Reading, One Sunday morning, a wife went to wake her husband to tell him it was time to get ready for church. And they answered and said: We are here from the pious men, who in all piety spend their life, fearing the name of God. I am he who each day wrote down thy sins. This opened door was because Israel had put it from them. And I saw there all the prophets; and they came and saluted me, saying: Welcome, Paul, beloved of God. It is by no means an easy task to trace his spiritual activities, from Acts 9 to Acts 19, and definitely fix the year when he began to minister under that DISPENSATION OF THE GRACE OF GOD, mentioned in Ephesians 3:1 and 2. Truth shall win over falsehood! Let us repeat and emphasize that the Dispensation of the Grace of God is not to be found in Acts 1 to 9. And there came a voice, saying: My long-suffering bears with them, that they may repent; but if not, they shall come to me, and I will judge them. And he said to me: Yes; for thus every unjust man disappears. [2543] And the angel says to me: See that whatever I show thee in this place thou do not announce, except what I tell thee. They had committed unto them the gospel of the circumcision. But Christ and the Holy Spirit separated the Apostle Paul, born out of due season, for his special ministries. Surely there is no intimation that Paul received the revelation of Ephesians 3:3 and 5 before that time, if that early in his ministry. And the good angels who had received the soul of the righteous man, saluted it, as being well known to them. [2543] Revelation 11:3-12. And know thou, O Paul, that every man who believes through thee hath a great blessing, and a blessing is reserved for him. And I saw there a beautiful tree of great size, on which the Holy Spirit rested; and from the root of it there came forth all manner of most sweet-smelling water, parting into four channels. It was for Gentiles. And he answered and said to me: Before the heaven and the earth existed, He divided them into four kingdoms and heads, of which the names are Phison, Gehon, Tigris, Euphrates.

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