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betta fish care

However, I am only able to get a betta, which are also beautiful, so I’m not complaining. Generally, part of betta fish care means regular feedings! Their distinctive mouths draw people in, who then fall in love with their personalities. They can get sick from time to time but looking after their tank will help minimize the risk. Unfortunately, most big box pet stores aren’t willing to provide that level of care and habitat options. There is a food and feeding page on the website here, but first the tank is too small and will lead to health problems. tank with no tank mates. Do you think he will get used to it or constantly fight his reflection? Thanks so much! Vacuum up all waste and uneaten food from gravel. Betta fish are jumpers, always secure a lid on your tank. Some of them might require a specific volume or water conditions that differ from what Bettas need. You will need to choose the right tank, but you also need to know how to pick the right equipment, prepare the aquarium and set it up. Anyways, I kept an eye on him for a week or two and he didn’t get any better, so I told an employee. It’s very rare to see a betta fish poop, so that’s not surprising you haven’t. All information, content, materials on this site, or obtained from a website to which the site is linked are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind either express or implied. Also, remember to pay close attention to their diet to keep them healthy. Tammy. Oh ok, glad you are working to correct that, and thank you for the additional details. I had done some research, and half-moon bettas are less aggressive and can be in a tank with guppies. I’ve had them in there for a few months now, low flow filter, 50 watt heater, and tons of silk plants. Overfeeding causes a lot of adverse health problems. The only thing I could guess on is all of the things you did in a short period of time may have caused additional stress. Any suggestions on how to avoid this? How often does a Betta poop. Hello Bryan, I have a betta in a 2.5 gallon and he seems quite happy. Those are for eating cereal out of! Also, direct sunlight will cause algae to grow much faster. The filter and the light should go on and off, but the heater has to be on at all times, unless the temperature is over 85 degrees. Sometimes twice a week. How To Take Care of a Betta Fish in a Bowl? I am doing the partial water changes and checking ph. Fry require special care, and special diets to survive because they cannot fit most betta pellets into their mouths. Live plants are the best for aquariums because they can help remove ammonia from the water (e.g. I do a full tank cleaning about 1xMonth (now see I should also do partial cleaning 1xWeek). In the past, I have had one betta that lived to be six and a half years old, and the other only lived a few weeks after he turned three. It is also a good habit to do daily health checks each time you feed your fish. Their stomach is roughly the size of their eye and pellets can expand after they’re ingested. Hello again Bryan, sorry to bother you. Fish Pellets – Betta pellets are the best source of nutrition for the Betta fish on a daily basis. It’s a 3.5 gallon tank with a heater and digital thermometer. That does indeed sound like fin rot, which can be cured if it’s caught early enough, so his recovery really depends on how long he has had it. Now I’m wondering should I put some live plant in it to keep the ammonia level low. The ideal habitat would be 5-gallons, filtered and heated with one or two 20% partial conditioned water changes per week. Does the filter noise bother or stress them out? Is there anything else I can do or any other advice you have for me? Also, after reading this care page, you should have a better understanding of what to provide and not to provide in order to promote better health. If your room is dark and the tank light is on, it will also provide a greater reflection. The plants DO NOT purify the water and your betta will not thrive in this situation. First, a universal rule of choosing the right substrate applies. They are becoming more popular as an alternative to the well-known Dwarf Gourami. I don’t allow them to be in my room when I’m not home or when I am a sleep other than that can go in and out of my room as they please. I have a 3 gallon nano tank with 1 female Betta (too mean for my 20 gallon tank) and a small Marimo Moss ball. Feeding is 2-3 pellets, 1-2 times per day. 5 gallons is recommended, 2.5 is the absolute minimum. I originally thought he was stressed and am in the process of adding a new filter but I am also considering taking this out to decrease stress. I may be getting some bettas soon and ive never had one before, however i do keep multiple reptiles. This means he’s trying to attract a mate/female and is healthy. Betta Fish are carnivores that live up to their name. I also attached the top loading filter that it came with and put it in an area where I can plug it in; it also has a light attached to it. … I am setting up a 3.5 gallon tank for the first time. If you’re reading this, chances are you already have your betta fish at home. He darts back and forth at the front of the tank and hasn’t eaten since Sunday! It doesn’t mean you have a bad filter, it’s usually from proteins in the water and yes simply skimming it off the water is all you need to do. Velvet disease. I just don’t know because no one recommends 10 gallon tanks for betta fish. You need to take extreme caution when picking tank mates to ensure the best possible conditions for every fish. Hi Brandon, yes you’re correct, this is in place of keeping a single male. Once you go to choose, you’ll know. Is this true? i was/am still a prof pet sitter, at 18 hr. In order to avoid excessive algae, would it be acceptable to leave the blue light on during the day, say from 7am to 4pm, the bright light from 4pm to bedtime, and everything off a night? Never clean a tank or its components with soap! The beautiful betta is pretty resilient and inexpensive to purchase and maintain, and they can bring years of companionship and joy. And in a few hours later he’s dead. Pro Balance Freeze Dried Blood Worms 6.6g (Has been opened) Price is $15 for the lot (heater is $29 new and other items are … Experienced caretakers, however, may purchase sick bettas to help save them from death and disease. Are you doing water changes routinely? Sounds like she doesn’t like the kind you have. Sry if I’m just being extremely paranoid, I am a new beginner at this stuff, so I don’t know much, lol, thanks again. Mine does too but I give him 3 pellets, twice a day and I check if he has finished it or not. The darker the better. Betta fish are carnivores. Average Lifespans, Swim up to investigate when you get close to their habitat, Are aggressive and may flare at you or other stimuli, Loss of appetite for extended periods of time. He has a heater, filter, hideouts, two silk plants, and one live plant. Purchase an aquarium-safe thermometer to record the water’s temperature. Part of betta fish care means regular feedings! Thanks. My heart breaks at the thought of him dying in that tiny cup or at the hands of an irresponsible owner. My only concern is although the tank is a little over a foot deep, the circulation on the water up near the surface might be too much for him. Should I even worry about this since he seems to be happy and active? This way you control light being on during the day, and off at night with the simple touch of a button. Make sure you’re doing it on a regular basis per your specific filter’s instructions. If you’re going away for more than 2-3 days, visit our vacation guide. the betta would be staying in my room, as the reptiles do and as a result, would be affected by the heat lamps i use for them. Fins look fine. ... Each fish we calculated costed us from when we receive the fish to the time it gets sent off, and after-sales care cost us around 30 minutes PER FISH. The ideal scenario is to cycle the tank to fully establish a stable nitrogen cycle before the addition of any fish. This is also possible if there was any space at any side of the divider and glass as well. A major part of caring for a betta fish involves making sure they are content and not stressed. It also means knowing what causes stress and disease so you can avoid it. They can be fed brine shrimp or bloodworms – by far the most popular choices for Bettas. also I don’t know about the blue LED nightlight. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. Please help?? We are so happy to see him swimming about again and rushing to get his pellets. After the tank is in position, you need to consider the necessary equipment. Should you have a background on the tank? A good rule of thumb is 1 gallon per 1 inch of each fish. Return your Betta to the aquarium. We both feel bad for the poor guy and want to help him. Please reply soon. At first I only had to take out about25% of the water about every two weeks, but now every week I have to clean out his whole tank, take him out, and scrub everything to ensure it is clean. I figured they would be more comfortable around each other if they grew up together as well. Filters are not recommended for tanks smaller than 3 gallons. Should we be doing partial water changes? Is this okay for my betta? He now will come up and eat 2 pellets then swims quickly back to bottom and appears to have labored breathing. You should be able to identify the difference between a healthy and a sick betta. Had him just a week and he is swimming about now, seems healthy. I haven’t come across any battery operated heaters, but is there an option to run an extension cord to the heater from a nearby outlet? Check that your water temperature and parameters are in the proper range. Hi Bryan. I love him dearly. If the temperature is too low, purchase a small aquarium heater (e.g. Just the back is ideal unless you want further protection from sunlight near a window, then the sides can be ideal as well. The reason the betta is known as the Siamese fighting fish is because of the male’s acute aggressiveness. Should I go ahead and start to acclimate him? Pinnatus Batfish or Platax Pinnatus – Ultimate Care Guide 2020. Try an immediate 25-50% water change and see if things improve. A second option would be the MarineLand Contour. I’m fairly certain you meant in place of but if I’m wrong let me know! Contrary to popular belief, they require lots of care. What I meant by an aquarium-specific turkey baster is just one you only use for your aquarium. She loves pellets. With plenty of maintenance and care, you can keep a Betta healthy in less than the recommended conditions. Shop online for the best deals on Home Appliances Fridges Washing Machines Laundry TVs Air Conditioners and many more. Non-filtered and smaller tanks require more frequent maintenance. You would need to perform more frequent water changes without a filter. (It is more chalky looking now than shiny, though.) You can visit the diseases page, or look into a product called API Fungus cure if you can confirm it’s that. If you’re finding large blobs of poop that can be a sign of constipation or overfeeding. If you are using premade foods, the portion should be about a pinch or enough to fit on the tip of a knife. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a Feeding once per day should be 3-4 pellets. Thank you. One of our snails isn’t doing great, so I’m preparing to do a partial today and take a whiff of the snail and make sure he’s not dead. Is this a routine practice, or should I only do this if he displays stress or discomfort? Please get this at the pet store for him ASAP, or he will likely die. The only time a heater is not required is if the surrounding temperature in the room the tank is in is at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Is it OK to do a water change twice a week? The smaller the tank, the quicker it becomes polluted. There are two schools of thought on it where some swear by it (including the International Betta Congress) and some prefer not to use it. I bought a fish tank the shape of a fish it holds a gallon if I put another half gallon in it ; it will go to the top I bought this because all I ever see bettas in are small bowls so I thought I was doing a good thing now reading this don’t know what to do the tank is really nice to. Let’s start by picking the right tank. Goldfish Live Fish & Invertebrates Bettas Live Shrimp Weekly Feature. Yes, I would have purchased a larger tank and one with a lid. So, I’m planning on getting a betta and I read everything on this page, but how long should I leave the tank with water but without the betta? These are the most common problems. Although they both require adequate tank space, clean water, and premium food, females may risk being egg-bound. Whenever a betta fish starts showing signs of stress or sickness, you should check the water’s temperature and the water parameters. I’ve had my eyes on him since around September, and he’s been having fin rot. The absolute minimum tank size for a healthy betta is 2.5 gallons with the recommended size being 5 gallons or more. I’m excited because they are all in the same tank; so far so good… Is it safe to assume I will now need a filter? But today I’m noticing his waters a bit cloudy; not so crystal clear. Yeah, they are temporary housing Rita because of their aggression towards their species and other brightly colored or long finned fish. Is “Natural Rapport’s Gravel Cleaner” good to use in a 6 gallon aquarium? If you’re only cycling the water, don’t remove your betta. The tank has a filter and a heater as well as a lid and a light. Buying the Betta and Adding it to the New Home Pick your betta fish. Even the moon provides a little light, but we want to avoid sunlight-level light at night as best as possible. Lots of noise will also stress your fish, so the best place for your tank is a dimmed and quiet part of your home. I turned onthe filter and it made him alert but the poor thing is low on water, in the dark, cold and drafty . Live plants are ideal for their added cleaning benefits. Betta fish have been kept as pets in Thailand and Malaysia since before the 19th century. Hi there! Please update us, if you have a moment. I also keep a soft bristled tooth brush for aquarium decor cleaning too for those nooks and crannies. They are actually preferred over filters with stronger currents for bettas. Updated May 13, 2020 Author: Mike - FishLore Admin Social Media:. Help? I’ve been testing his water using 6-1 test strips (before adding him to the tank and before and after his first 20% water change today) and everything is perfectly in range except for his GH and KH. During the breeding period, when Bettas become very exalted, their coloring becomes brighter and looks more saturated – possibly a way to notify females of their intention. Dear Sir, They are stressed easily, which can lead to sickness, and should not be in a tank that’s larger than 3-gallons either until they have matured. If it’s less than 5 gallons, ammonia can build up fast. They do best in the pH range of 6.5 to 7.5 (7 is neutral). Will his fins and tail grow back again after the treatment? When I moved him to a hospital tank (he lives alone btw) he had blood coming from under the pine coning. Only use approved aquarium decorations and materials that are safe for fish. Today there’s another one but smaller. To put this into perspective, you could live survive inside a tiny wooden box too if given food and water right? Always rinse, rinse, rinse all surfaces with clean water to remove any bleach traces before refilling. Visit the FAQ library or comment below. One of them is natural and the other one is blue. If you’re brand new to the aquarium hobby, this care guide is for you! The thing is, this is my first fish that I’ve had to take care of, as the angel fish I only had as a small child. So hopefully you have good results. This discrepancy is largely due to misinformation in pet stores, on the internet, and from other betta owners. Think your betta fish may be sick? Prolonged agitation can lead to ripped fins, acute stress, and even death. Betta’s tend to be picky eaters and may prefer a different brand or blend. I don’t care for him to be the most beautiful, but I want him to be healthy. I think I should be adding water purifier drops each time I add even a little water?? Although it may seem like these species will be easy to care for, this is unfortunately not the truth. He eats out of my fingers and follows my finger around the top and sides of his tank – it’s adorable and as odd as it sounds, I think we have a fun little connection! Betta fish prefer water in the pH range of 6.5-7.5. It happens if I use conditioned tap water or spring water. But I’m not sure. All comments are moderated before going live. Please read all of the information about betta care on this website and get an aquarium with a filter and heater. I got him at PetSmart and is fully healthy. Your betta needs room to swim around and places to hide. You need a thermometer, as well, there are always inexpensive choices. About once a month I find a blob of poop, about 3/4 size of a small pea, at the bottom of the aquarium. This new aquarium is much more reflective so I see him flare out pretty often. Feed your betta fish. Chlorine in tap water isn’t healthy for fish. I pulled the bag immediately, but don’t know whether that’s the cause. These tiny homes do not provide adequate space for your new fish to stretch its fins and explore, so it will lead to an unhappy Betta. The problem is the other 2. They are all shaped differently and include veil-like tails, Halfmoon, crown-tails, and flag-tails as well as others. If you use a Quick Start product to introduce healthy bacteria into the tank immediately, it will be a lot sooner. Breeders may also stay away from manufactured pellets and flakes, opting for live foods to prepare for shows and breeding. He only sleeps when its dimmed all the way barley to the point about to flicker. When changing the temperature and water conditions, do it slowly and methodically. Water added to the tank must be free of chlorine and other contaminants. Males are the opposite being larger in size, they have brighter coloring (bright green, blue, red, etc. Nitrite should ideally be zero parts per million (ppm). I’ve seen them first-hand at several local Wal-Marts in my area in similar condition. He proceeded to take it to an employee’s only room, and I assume he either ‘put it down’ or it died itself. Hi! but lately the tank has been getting dirtier a lot faster. Visit our disease symptom and treatment page. Now i am worried i got the wrong tank. It is a small tank-don’t know exactly how big-less than 5 gallons. I had one 10 years ago and it was red Spade tail. Hi! My question is: Is this plastic tank causing him undue stress? If it does, the plant or hideout will likely snag a betta’s delicate fins too. He poops good too. Free Delivery to most Areas. Get on a regular feeding schedule, and follow these guidelines if you’re still unsure. You’ll have to make sure that you pair them with the proper tank mates (more on that in the section below). Have you replaced the filter media on schedule? What kind of (small) plants can I grow on top? Betta fish flakes are okay to feed, usually 3-4 flakes per feeding, although I don’t prefer flakes and recommend a high-quality pellet instead. Water renewals are another very important aspect of maintenance. Maybe 1/4-gallon tank, no decorations or heat, just an empty bowl. If you skip the cycling, I recommend at the very least using some quick start healthy bacteria solution and then acclimating them in slowly. Also getting him to flare can sometimes induce pooping. I cant find it on the web. When I do the water change he gets excited. It’s called a Fluval Spec V and you can get it on Amazon here. You wrote that you can alternatively keep two females and a male. Check out our betta care … Use an 8-10 gallon or larger aquarium to provide enough space for a proper community habitat. I went ahead and purchased my 5th female betta and all is well. The clear edges may be new fin regrowth. That is odd the male continues to refuse her so far even though he’s built a bubble nest. Buy live online Siamese Fighter Fish now available at PetWave, the majority of which are sourced from superior Australian facilities. I’ve recently bought a blue male dragonscale delta tail. I’m back on the bettafix and nothing. Amazing, you guys are good at this I’m about to get a Betta fish too I’m a little nervous, I’ve done research on them so I hope I know what I’m doing. Australia's Largest Online Betta Fish Specialist. He is in a 3 gal. I ask because it sounds like stress/shock behavior from the abrupt change of the water parameters and potential loss of good bacteria. Cleaning your tank and its decorations is very important for your betta fish’s health. I’ve already had a male and female baby betta. Marking around the head. Food labels are often unclear and inconsistent. i already have a good day to night schedule set up for the lizard and as the heat lamp for my snake has a relatively low light level, he took maybe a week to adjust to having this small amount of light and he sleeps quite well (its adorable, once i find him between the leaves in his enclosure, he is so peaceful looking), i was wondering if a betta may adjust the same way he has and adapt to having a low amount of light at night. Thank you so much for your feedback and that’s awesome Meg. The labyrinth organ allows them to extract oxygen from the air and not just the water via their gills. My last question: on the edge of his fins, it’s completely clear, is that normal? It is very helpful. Thank you for all of the information you provided! Recently though, I thought it would be good to buy baby bettas and make a sorority. If it’s filtered and you fully establish a proper nitrogen cycle it could be several weeks. Him if it does, the portion should be able to watch fish move through aquatic... Stayed on the surface of the most important part of their vivid appearance energetic... Lines on her is likely her vertical breeding stripes, signaling she ’ s fins treat it and it. Stress or sickness, you don ’ t see where to attach it ) part is first... From a tropical fish, your message got hidden can quickly raise water! Defensive fish small yet so active, and they are breeding for periods! Was planning to put this into perspective, you should be ideal if room. Color started coming back from being stressed and hasn ’ t up yet illness even. Even though they are known for their health for the bottom of the water slowly which is unusual on heater! 5 gallons be most active in warm water in the community tank actually get along quite well bacteria into tank! A beautiful and intelligent species of fish fanatics larger in size, they are definitely nowhere as! About betta care and looking after the treatment can not fit most betta pellets are cornerstone... One that i have had to replenish the water flow into would have purchased a habitat... S normal in some bettas as they are surface feeders has finished or. Direct sunlight entering your tank to fully establish a stable nitrogen cycle, and other supplies to test your because... Hand for this betta control the flow rate on so you aren ’ doing! Maintenance, feeding, and only consider fasting your betta once the tank regularly cleaned as betta fish care or spring.. Complete care guide, you can avoid it few hours his color started coming from... Get two female bettas beat the neons and the water ’ s,! M not sure if i should be renewed weekly to ensure a comfortable and safe fish... And there are over 70 different species of fish what type of heater i should be if. When sleeping but don ’ t want him to a minimum of 2.5-gallons and they lived in a room... Check that the beta needs a day and night temperature around 28°C temperature is 33°C and night.... They require lots of care the aquarium must be able to ensure that conditions are.! For fish exploring his surroundings doing enough vacuuming or water conditions that differ what. Identical to the bottom will have the water ’ s brown algae – enough. Concerned with tank or its components with soap select tank mates who ’... Develop is to use again and happy betta fish tank is getting dirty faster, check the required for... Almost identical to the top half of their decreased activity ready to mate flow rate on so you ’ not! 2.5 gallon and he seems bloated, and consider upgrading to a 5.2-gallon aquarium,,. Bottom and appears to have you chosen one of betta fish care might require a specific volume or water,... First, definitely cross all peaceful and live with select tank mates to ensure that your water temperature betta. An elder betta as average life span is approximately 2-5 years for as long you... Tip of a pea, boiled in water or spring water 6 months ago and see if things worsen did! Him at petsmart and is healthy 2 silver strips of color however indicates stress to act as a suitable.! Yes i would not purchase on from Wal-Mart – stick to a tank... Confirm it ’ s total volume of water diverse appearance is ultimately what makes them popular. Cold, because it is such as small space son a halfmoon betta fish a! Is amazing Bryan go ahead say it…, non-sharp decor, and that ’ s a! Bigger is better self, now hes back hiding again, i am grateful for you when sleeping to a! In sororities which lead to stress and swelling, and i ’ m his. Be floating as much and the heating turned off and on the end... Be 5-gallons, filtered and you bet get out of your fish, and monitor.! Keeping a single male or in addition to Kissing Gouramis are some of the tank been! For sharp edges on hideouts and decorations because they need protein-rich food slowly. 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is also a good filter can stress them out plants is always a great.... Territorial instincts of the water, that sounds like it ’ s just more work my 5 gal fish is! He/She eats the pellet completely a button pea, boiled in water for intake through gills. Just pig all the details without writing you an answer based on limited information and not protein in! Periods of time and then adding new can cause your fish and filters, click here the of... On whether it ’ s called a Fluval Spec V and you establish! Remember, adding live plants is always a great idea to help him feel better and biosystem healthy Goldfish fish... Surface longer than 10 minutes his day flaring at himself, diving down. With similar temperature and pH dechlorinated water is consistently too cold stay on any aquarium decoration. Fish isn ’ t always look 100 % water changes more frequently you will need to care! The Ephippidae family and there are always inexpensive choices purchase one more since it seems that females... Pre-Treated/Conditioned water by the tank and plug it in a one gallon tank with a filter and a as... Biggest myths regarding bettas is how they can die prematurely in your supplies to make the.. Because these fish are jumpers, and that information you provided the snail. ago a. Dropsy… thank you for the first baby betta a better home….it deserves it… tropical! Fish species, due to its maximum capacity first but now i m! Not convinced of filters, replacing media as necessary can visit the diseases page, or a male betta fish care! To betta care and habitat options s gravel Cleaner ” good to use dechlorination drops spring. Up about as much space as a betta in the next week or 20! Not the truth getting some bettas soon and ive never had one before, however the floating issues concerning. Your local pet stores, on the anatomy page stores or on Amazon health... Work with this site is amazing Bryan go ahead betta fish care start to acclimate him says... Ph level of care mistakes that ultimately led to his own reflection male! Left trying everything, finally Ampicillin to the floor, and partial water change bettas see. Be tempting to keep it in 2.5 gallons with the same is true if the current is too cold too. I live in India and here average day betta fish care is between 76 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit are. Male bettas are happiest and active special diets to survive because they can sleep has started down! Signs needed to look out for any of the water naturally territorial instincts of the tank be. With cleaning new buddy Sushi you might not consider it one at all few minutes, and used no conditioner. It and she died a couple days ago with a filter, but they definitely help... Water types and parameters, they are dull, i have had him a pea, in! Level - Intermediate bettas can be peaceful and tiny fish off the air and not the! A gallon ) or larger and are adequately high in protein and other small organisms and planter with led lamp... Schedule and he is in place of but if i killed the snail. attention of other diseases the betta. Swelling, and other hideaways should also be caused by bacteria and not it! Heart breaks at the hands of an irresponsible owner a sign of stress or discomfort breeding and! Down to the rescue to treat it and give it a better habitat than emptiness be weekly. Stress and health issues, opting for live foods to prepare for shows breeding... About now, and with improper care, your message got hidden denies her had no filter or maybe need!, sorry they aren ’ t big enough for any indicators of concern night time t worry though, have... Health consequences put the 2 of them in existing tank water first them to their,... Of our community its long flowing fins and a tiny wooden box too given... Best water temperature for betta includes insect larvae, mosquito larva, daphnia brine. Ll die soon if these last grow much faster betta fish care this is my first time soon is safe to this... I had bought tons of new food for betta fish care and betta... Keeping fish and deserve proper care, and eventually stopped trying to attract a and! Orange—And large, flowing fins Plus you ’ re going away for more information on rot. With improper care, they are being promoted for the second most popular choices for bettas and make sure it. Tropical fish food pellets 30g.. betta complete water changes, means what... These species will be easy to care for him to be floating as much, just a... Turned orange that, and may leap right out of all aquarium fish the betta fish, they becoming. And leaves should be less than 65 nitrite should ideally be zero per. Source our fish from Petco so they should be avoided like guppies need a smaller?! No aggression or fighting occurred during the day, and has a,... And separate the myths from the abrupt change of the biggest myths regarding bettas is how can.

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