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webmaster job description resume

Webmaster Job Description Summary: The webmaster takes care of the analytical part of the website – he/she makes sure that the uptime and availability of the website is close to 100%, if not 100%. Collaborated with designers and the editorial team on marketing materials, Completed production and printing drafts of promotional materials, Worked and cordinated in group of 3 to 6 to build rockets, Actually designed a high powered rocket in order to obtain certification with National Association of rocketry, As webmaster used basic website editor to design and update AIAA UC Merced webpage, Created Web pages using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Took high-quality digital photos of products for website, Edited and retouched photos for publishing on the website by using Photoshop, Maintained large amount of files very organized, Uploaded new products and removed old products from the website, Updated product images and product details, Provided support to the warehouse whenever needed with shipping and receiving, Provided management, guidance, and leadership of federal desktop core configuration implementation, Managed a team of 4 full time equivalents and the Contracting Officers Technical Representative (COTR) for approximately 40 consultants on a ~30 million dollar contract, Ensured open communication amongst internal staff; supervise FTEs and work within the guidelines of Union agreement; articulate staff expectations, perform quarterly performance reviews, work with staff to develop performance plans, Managed implementation of TargetVision upgrade for Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Fort Knox facilities, Utilized HEAT problem call/tracking system to log calls, generate trouble tickets and determine resolution/alternatives; create reports in Crystal via SQL to help Assistant Directors establish metrics by which to measure their team members performance, Program/Project Manager for approximately 11 multiple concurrent projects (capital/non-capital). 516 Webmaster jobs available on Indeed.com. The Webmaster’s major role is project oriented, using the Web to support and promote CWA organizing, mobilization, corporate, and other campaigns. Job Description: A Webmaster is a technical expert who holds the responsibility of designing, modifying as well as upgrading of the firm’s website. Communicates and consults with faculty and staff to determine and define website needs and functionality, Coordinates the content and organization of static and dynamic data with faculty and staff. Whether you’re a webmaster yourself, are looking to hire a webmaster, or are just curious, we here at Pelcro are going to help you. Provides support for research center websites. Highlight skills and achievements, providing only enough detail to support your premises. Having a webmaster is important and necessary if a website is looking to … The BLS reports that the lowest-earning 10 percent of web developers made $33,320 a year or less as of 2013, while the top 10 percent earned $110,350 a year or more. Responsible for the maintenance of all website and intranet properties of a 30,000 member mega-church. Works with staff and faculty to edit and reformat content using web-writing techniques and website style guidelines, Works with admission staff, communications team, faculty and students to develop an editorial calendar for blogs and informational websites. In the early days of the World Wide Web, relatively few people had the skills needed to create and maintain a professional-looking site, particularly one that offered reasonably secure e-commerce. Developed and maintained store Website and various Social Media presences. These programs scan your resume for specific terms (like “administrative support” or “calendaring”) to determine whether or not your experience is a match for the company’s needs. ... Another type of graphic designer is one who designs websites and is known as a Webmaster. Creates written content and graphics for website as needed, Maintains and modifies the Center website including content, graphical and multimedia displays and communications, Consults with faculty and staff, to design, develop and implement webpages and interactive information delivery systems, Integrates database and application software into website design to increase site effectiveness, as needed, Leads the development, architectural design, and implementation of a complex web-based system platform, Names and Contact Information for 3 References, Analyzes, designs, implements and maintains technical solutions and multimedia content and systems for all USC Rossier web content across the main website, staff, faculty, and student sites. May coordinate process of integration of multimedia content with project team members responsible for overall application architecture, as needed, Participates in the development of policies, procedures and guidelines regarding school or department website development and maintenance, Integrates database and application software into website design to increase site effectiveness, as needed. Measuring webpage speed and monitoring a website’s uptime are … Managed and optimized the product splash pages, Facebook, Twitter, and other social. The BLS reports that the lowest-earning 10 percent of web developers made $33,320 a year or less as of 2013, while the top 10 percent earned $110,350 a year or more. When you apply to a job online, your resume usually gets submitted to an applicant tracking system (or ATS for short). Begin phrases or sentences with verbs. Programmed JavaScript functionality to enhance website usability. Constant use of Google Webmaster tools to help further improve the website. This page contains job description for graphic designer job with information about duties, educational qualifications, skills, salary and benefits. People with jobs in information technology (IT)   use computers, software, networks, servers, and other technology to manage and store IT job titles can vary significantly from one company to another. Create forms for users to register for Sunday school, join the church, or send in prayer requests. Resume. Reviews and recommends hardware and software needed for website development, Coordinates the content and organization of static and dynamic data with faculty, staff and other units, but typically not responsible for content developments, Investigates and analyzes various specialized computing options and solutions. Used Stanford's "Cardinal Red" as branding element and increased user-friendliness and navigability. In order to ensure your professional resume will support your goals, use this software developer job description to inform what you should highlight on your resume. They aim to make websites a valuable resource for both site owners and visitors by ensuring that the content is up to date and easy for visitors to find and navigate. The average hourly wage was $32.47. Provided detailed suggestions by identifying and implementing software development methodologies and best practices to improve a recognition and award program for an organization of over 10,000 employees. Communicated with research group heads to obtain updated research information and establish organizational criteria for web interface. He or she assists the software development team with the testing of user interface design application, as well as … Collateral duties consisted of working as the Assistant Public Affairs Chief in the absence of the Chief ensuring that all missions were accomplished at the highest of standards. Webmaster Job Summary Under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, the Webmaster is responsible for the development and management of the university website…The Webmaster will assist in the creation and deployment of our SEO marketing strategy. Automotive Photographer / Assistant Webmaster If you're looking for an opportunity to join the automotive industry as a valued team member, your search is complete. Worked with Customers, Contributors and IT Staff to update and maintain content on multiple Internet and Intranet websites using latest web standards. Participates in the completion of programming content for simple website pages, Assists in the placement of web site information, ensuring consistency, accuracy, appropriateness and timeliness of content and graphic standards. Greeted customers and familiarized them with the store. Provided group facilitation, interviewing, training, and provided additional forms of knowledge transfer. Maintain and create multiple websites for publications & company. Communicates and consults with staff and faculty to determine and define website needs and functionality. More than 234,000 people in 205 countries have visited the sites since December 2010. Whether you want IT job description for a project manager or account executive- … As a webmaster, you are expected to handle multiple roles throughout your career. Name: Pia Marcotti Place of Birth: (1), Italy. And finally, you can use example job descriptions to find the right words to describe the roles and responsibilities you held in each job listed in your work history. Primary Objectives: The Webmaster is in charge of maintaining Web sites for companies and individuals on the World Wide Web. This free webmaster job resume sample will help you to learn how to create, write and format a simple cv template for being able to build yours. Management of the websites using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and SharePoint for content management. Conceptualizes, designs and develops the layout and user interface of web pages, content and applications, Writes necessary server-side scripting to deliver dynamic HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Maintains web-related databases, ensuring accuracy and integrity of database information, Coordinates publishing of moderately complex content and updates. Consults with users in the maintenance of web site information to facilitate accuracy and updating of information, Monitors the health of web server(s) and maintains them, as required, Reviews and troubleshoots website issues. Created content specific web pages that focused on different aspects of Dr. Minot's practice. 99 Webmaster Job Description jobs available on Indeed.com. Webmasters calculate how fast a webpage loads, adjusts the size accordingly for each web browser, and perform all possible … Recommends service-related links to other County departments and/or Federal, State and Local agencies and related links, Assists in researching, identifying and selecting appropriate Internet-based information products, packages and vendors to meet County needs, Assists in developing and implementing website policies, procedures and standards. Reviews and recommends hardware and software needed for website development, Serves as interdepartmental liaison for the integration of website content. - Instantly download in PDF format or share a custom link. Sample resume for a web designer and a complete guide with 20+ examples and expert tips. The revised and automated tool tracked recognition from initial recommendation to actual award. Webmasters develop, manage, and maintain websites. Worked with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, enhanced skill in front-end web developing and maintaining, built good understanding about Div CSS position, JavaScript HTML DOM. The job involves understanding … Just write down the keywords from the job description and see where it overlaps with your skillset. Webmasters can qualify for this position with an Associate of Science degree or technical classes on their resumes. Design effective web interface for professional research groups to access and store data. A Webmaster is a technical expert who has responsibilities of maintaining, designing, upgrading, development and modifying an organization’s website. Managed web files using a 3 tier server environment. Webmaster Resume Examples & Samples. CWA Webmaster Job Description The CWA Webmaster is the coordinator and developer of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Websites. for website display, Support and resolve content and issues as necessitates by customer needs and preferences, Investigate/report technical and operational issues that arise, Assist in implementation of website management and functional improvements, Liaise with IT team in regards to the daily management of website, Collaborate with internal partners and team members to support campaigns and promotions for marketing, Collaborate with internal stakeholders to analyze tradeoffs between best practices (usability) and internal business units requests, Execute Pre and Post go-live activities (Perform UAT testing), Should have the following experience: E-commerce (3 yrs) and Web Development (2 yrs), Familiar with content management application system, Demonstrates knowledge of relevant technology, software and hardware related to own job such as, BA/BS in Web Design, Visual Communications, Marketing or related field, Ten years digital communications and/or marketing experience, with minimum 5 years specific to web site management, Demonstrated ability to prepare and interpret analytics/trends reports (WebTrends, Google Analytics, etc. Acts as technical lead and liaison between developers and QED staff. Ensures adherence to policies and procedures. Webmaster Job Summary We are seeking a highly-skilled, experienced webmaster to join our growing in-house technology team. Oversaw launch of internal portal for field sales agents, providing a crucial link to product, benefit and incentive information for sales people. Because of the Commute Filter, your results are limited. Experience in Visual Studio 2010, Eclipse IDE and Tortoise SVN. ), Experience with search-engine optimization tools and techniques, Well-versed in graphic design best practices and user engagement and experience (UX) strategies, studies and trends, Must have strong interpersonal skills and be able to clearly articulate and present website-related processes, procedures and updates, Must have solid organizational skills and willingness to think “outside the box” when presenting ideas/concepts, Will follow best practices for coding technique(s), Will work in a fast-paced environment and interact well with our Marketing & IT teams, Will test, debug and fix existing code as needed, Must be comfortable working with front end: HTML5, CSS3, UI and JavaScript (jQuery), Must have solid PHP 5, MySQL, JSON, AJAX and Web Services experience, Must have a working knowledge of HTML/CSS, WordPress, Linux, and SQL. Developed writing strategies to help facilitate search engine optimization for the office's website. The work history section on a resume for online jobs and virtual positions is the focus for many remote employers. Serves as webmaster for and managed development, build, and launch of usaidlearninglab.org, wlsme.org and agrilinks.org on Drupal 7 platform. Engage the hiring manager and land that job! Average Webmaster Salary and Range. In a smaller environment, you may be the only web developer in-house so you will asked to perform a variety of tasks. Promoted the organization and its work via text advertising, search engine optimization and social networking, tracking effectiveness with Google Analytics and AdWords metrics. These are all available for downloading in either Word Doc or PDF file. Assisted SSO with establishing new security policies and procedures for submitting SF86 forms. Craft a Perfect Virtual Assistant Job Description on the Resume . One of the things that often happens as we put together a resume, is that you forget all the things you know, almost taking for granted that everyone has the same skills. Sliced and optimized final, approved Illustrator web graphics, and program CSS / HTML in Dreamweaver, to re-create pixel-perfect version of static web pages. Maintained the company website with Dreamweaver. The job description entails analyzing and supervising the department and resolving the issues to enhance efficiency in output. Managed user registration, permissions and training of content providers from the Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs) of MARSOC, Trained news and sales staff on content management systems and social media, Managed real time voting results for local elections, Offered speech evaluations and well-prepared feedback to help peers improve their own public-speaking capacities, Expanded and maintained the club website by constantly posting up videos, pictures, summaries, promotional material, Maintained the social media pages of the club, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Add audio and video to home page and create additional pages as needed. Automated data collection to support statistical analysis and to continually provide feedback on any incipient process weaknesses. Identified and implanted the best practices and flowcharted the entire process and the subsequent analysis led to numerous process improvements. Researches, gathers, organizes and summarizes data for reports. Edited content in order to comply with advertiser's wishes and contractual obligations. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science can be beneficial to the Webmaster who wants to work on more complex websites. Created and developed new website based on client goals and requirements to achieve web industry standards, Established criteria and strategy to grow brand presence online using Google Analytics & Google AdWords, Developed online scheduling system form using PHP and HTML5 which previously did not exist, Implemented custom HTML5 code into CMS system based on client needs, Research, document and develop keywords for SEO purposes to maintain top search engine ranking, Migrated global websites to new content management system. Updated and maintained site for Los Angeles-based philanthropic organization, collaborating with designers to implement new content. Link to live site: http://www.martytornil.com/BarronLab/index.html, Worked with other related sites and vendors to cross promote and market the Studio, Masked and edited photos in Photoshop for use in marketing materials. Include relevant skills on your resume. Gathers feedback for website improvement and enhancement. In this role, you will be tasked to maintain webs & servers to meet the needs of users. May be involved in the selection of web hosting providers and/or the overall design of the web infrastructure, Integrates multimedia content with web-based educational software applications, including databases and communication protocols. Create artwork, flash marketing banners and produce & implement, Producing concise and accurate copy according to the publication's, Writing short 'fillers' to entertain, and researching and writing longer, Building & maintaining the website for Beatles tribute the Fab Four (thefabfour.com) using HTML, CSS3, Javascript/Jquery, and Wordpress (PHP and MySQL), Coding multiple media queries to enable site to display properly on mobile devices, Building and maintaining social networks on Facebook and Twitter, Building and maintaining separate, social media style fan site, Management (payments, shipping, fulfillment) of ecommerce merchandise store, Customer service and technical support via email to both fans & clients. Maintained website content and design over the course of development to present. Worked weekly with the Director of Human Resources to keep the content current. Webmaster Job Descriptions. The webmaster is the person an organization hires to keep their web site running properly, updates content, or calls on consultants to make changes. Webmaster is still a valid title, although it’s more a content/management position than web development/design position. Please enjoy Resume-Help.org Undertook comprehensive redesign of former obsolete website with goal of attracting potential students and investors to lab. Resume SamplesThis page provides you with Webmaster resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Webmasters manage, maintain and improve the performance and security of websites. Understanding of JavaScript integration, A good level of English is required; any further language is a bonus, To be successful in this role you should have strong communication skills and be dynamic, flexible to evolving responsibilities and last-minute changes, quality oriented, able to take initiatives and collaborate closely with others, Graduation from an accredited high school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate and completion of an approved certification program for Web Professionals sufficient to provide the necessary skills to build and manage an organization’s web site and to coordinate with inside and outside resources to accomplish that organization’s web goals may be substituted for the required education, Experience installing, administering and configuring web content management systems (CMS) such as SharePoint, OpenText, Vignette, Wordpress or other, Experience developing branded publishing sites in SharePoint, Experience installing, administering and configuring document management systems such as CabinetSafe (CabinetNG), OpenText, or other, Experience administering and configuring Windows servers, web/application servers, and file systems, Demonstrated proficiency with one or more languages such as object oriented (OO) JavaScript libraries, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery, XML, XSLT, AJAX, PHP, PowerShell, batch (CMD/DOS), VB.NET, C#, and ASP.NET, Experience with web project management, SDLC methodologies (such as waterfall or agile), requirements analysis, technical writing, and documentation deliverables, Experience with Java, Java servlets, Javabeans, struts, JVM/JDK/JRE and Eclipse IDE or NetBeans IDE, Experience with Transact SQL, relational databases, and database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server and MS SQL Management Studio (MSSMS), Experience working in an enterprise environment or data center, Experience as a content strategist or information architect; taxonomy, classification or term store systems, Experience as a web user interface (UI) developer (forms, templates, interfaces, wireframes, master pages, skins), Experience as a usability strategist (UX designer); responsive design; accessibility (Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDFUI), Experience with advanced features of MS Project, MS Project Server, MS Excel, and MS Visio Proficiency with graphic design software and code development tools such as Adobe Creative Suite (CS/CC) (especially Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver), and Microsoft Visual Studio, Strong interpersonal and written communications, supervisory and analytical skills, One year of experience building and administering websites hosted in a content management system (CMS), One year of experience with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Develops and maintains the company's portal, Performs backups and ensure user accessibility to the site, Monitors site traffic and helps scale site capacity to meet traffic demands performance, Improves the company's efficiency and designs the look and feel for the site, Participate to the planning, configuration and development of the web pages in an E-Commerce environment, Develop, update and maintain web content for multiple websites, Collaborate with different divisions and responding to multiple requests, Assess tasks to perform and make sure they will be accomplished within the required time and deadlines, Manage and maintain web promotions and make necessary modifications to the existing modules, Create and develop interfaces that will respond to the needs of the users, May be required to perform translations (English/French), 3+ years of experience in Web site development and SharePoint management, Experience with JavaScript, Microsoft SQL, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Access, Photoshop, and SharePoint 2010 and 2013, CompTIA Security+ CE Certification or ability to obtain within 6 months of hire, Iconographic research and suggestions for content production (pictures, images,..), Graphic integration of content in HTML5/CSS, Ensure quality and reliability of global formatting as well as overall consistency, Coordinate with head of team technical improvements of the platform (new pages, new functionalities), Ability to challenge contents to improve attractiveness, At least 2 years of experience in a similar role, Knowledge of web languages (PHP, mysql), Javascript, CSS, HTML, Knowledge of design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator will be a plus, Fluent in English is mandatory; fluency in French is a plus, Team player and cross cultural awareness, collaborate and provide information to the colleagues and stakeholders, Manage the day to day operations of the Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory Web and Ecommerce presence, 8-10 years working in a marketing and/or ecommerce website function, At least 5 years leading a website team and operation, including an ecommerce environment, Experience with the end-to-end ecommerce processes, Ability to translate high-level features from program owners into robust business requirements for initiatives, which will serve, Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with proven ability to collaborate effectively and influence business, A passion for online marketing and a good understanding of industry technologies and platforms; a drive to know the latest, Experience delivering small-to-large digital projects that are dependent through a global CMS, Working knowledge of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and content management best practices, Experience managing large global websites, Experience of using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver), Understanding of web accessibility standards to W3C, Manage a global website, continually looking for ways to improve the website to increase traffic and conversions, Work with team members to leverage our corporate brand to create a visually appealing online experience, maintaining the responsive design requirements, Own the CMS maintenance and connection of website to marketing automation system (Eloqua), ensuring proper tracking of web leads for accurate reporting and continuous optimization of website lead generation activities, Oversee SEO strategy and provide content creators with insights and recommendations to improve overall search engine visibility, Manage digital paid media strategy, including Google AdWords search/display ads, retargeting and social advertising, Manage a network of contractors and agencies as needed, Bachelor’s degree in Web Design, Web Development, Information Technology or related field, or equivalent training and/or experience, Demonstrated experience in web administration, Demonstrated work experience as a web developer, such as creating, updating, and maintaining content on several websites simultaneously, Demonstrated experience with content management systems, Demonstrated experience with website design and development, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQUERY, SQL, and web applications development, Demonstrated experience in website user interface design, Experience with a variety of computer software applications such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, and XML, Must have ability to manage multiple priorities and function as part of a team, Experience working with Ensemble, Virginia Tech’s content management system, Demonstrated experience with web development in a research environment, Experience using various media, including photographic and software-generated slides, Demonstrated experience designing creative web user interfaces, Updating internal and external corporate websites, Train and provide on-going support to internal clients, Work collaboratively with communications and graphics teams as well as marketing leads to further marketing initiatives, The core contact for migrating, integrating and closing all branded external acquisition collateral platforms, Fully proficient in all major social media channels, and understand the differences between each, particularly the ad specifications, Knowledge of file optimization for web. Apply to Webmaster, Network Administrator, Communication Specialist and more! Managed creation and launch of the redesigned Feed The Future site (feedthefuture.gov) on Drupal 7 platform. Optimizing the website by optimizing images, rearranging the load order of style sheets and scripts, minify scripts/CSS, improved browser caching using a small tweak in the .htaccess file, removing unnecessary or redundant plugins, making sure image dimensions are specified to quicken rendering of the page, and reducing the number of HTTP requests to improve the performance of the site. Include relevant skills on your resume. 5 years of relevant working experience within Digital marketing and/or e-commerce, Experience of working with Content Management System, Sitecore is a plus, Publishing – responsible for execution of the content plan, in line with local initiatives as well as central guidelines, Quality assurance – ensuring that the Scandinavian sites maintain a high quality throughout the sites, both in terms of content, functionality and navigation, Email marketing – plan and execute in line with sales objectives and communication plan, Overseeing the Social Media content plan set by the Digital Content Coordinator, Project managing and implementing new functionality, Embrace collaboration with cross-function teams, Approx 5 years of relevant working experience, Knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, Excellent knowledge in spoken and written Swedish/Norwegian and English, Upkeep website with current/relevant product information and contents, Enhance website user experience and develop new layouts and templates primarily working with internal teams, Support new products launch and upload/edit content adhering to website specifications, Working with design vendors to create banners, images, promotions, etc. Coordinate with the e-commerce team for daily website/mobile updates and lookbook functionality, and ensure the timely execution of email newsletters. All rights reserved. Configure web servers such as Apache. 99 Webmaster Job Description jobs available on Indeed.com. While the duties vary based on the type and size of the project, the following are certain core tasks seen on the Project Control Analyst Resume …

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