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why is my phone camera lens blurry

In either case, please ensure your camera glass is clean and free from dirt, dust, grime and scratches. Also, be sure to hold the phone correctly so as to avoid your own fingers causing issues. If it doesn't, try shaking the phone or firmly tapping it against your palm. I highly recommend you learn how to shoot in Manual mode. It is simple and easy to understand, yet very informative. A blurry video or poor video quality, is often related to wifi signal strength. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then the cause of the blur might be one of the other issues outlined below. However, since this issue is more likely than not related to the hardware inside your device, we're going to skip those for now. Therefore, chances are, when you put your phone in your pocket or pull it out from your handbag, your fingerprints will end up on the glass. You can fix blurry videos on Google Pixel, to disable video stabilization on Google Pixel. Longer lenses cause more blur because the DOF is shallower. More likely than not, it won't, but it's still worth a try. It’s good practice to make sure that these are up-to-date because updates provide patches for bugs that could cause issues with processing photos. You need to know and understand all the specs of your phone’s camera in order to know what quality of photo you can expect. Due to the small size of their sensors, smartphone cameras do not perform too well under low-light conditions compared to dedicated digital cameras. Your phone has a set of tiny lenses that move back and forth, thus changing where the captured light converges on the sensor, which determines what is in focus and what isn't. This is not usually a problem when there’s enough light. The lens is not scratched, cracked, or broken and yet it wont work. Focus your camera using the autofocus. If you are in a humid area and find your pictures … To determine if your phone cover could be interfering with your camera, simply take the phone out from the cover and see if that changes anything. As with the shutter speed, this option is available in the manual mode of your camera app or pro-level third-party camera apps. It may work differently on smartphones (because of fixed aperture), but understanding how it works and getting the right balance between ISO and shutter speed can help you improve the exposure of your pictures.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thesmartphonephotographer_com-leader-1','ezslot_2',162,'0','0'])); The easiest solution to poor lighting is to shoot in well-lit areas when doing night photography or use alternative sources of light that can be attached to your phone or placed elsewhere. The most common issues with a phone camera are blurry photos, issues focusing the camera, or specks on the screen. One of the important things you need to learn when it comes to exposure is the Exposure Triangle. But that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid blurry photos. You whip out your phone, take the picture only to realise that the photo is blurry and unclear. Otherwise, remove any plastic film that might still be on your phone or anything else that might still be in the way. From the many photos captured in burst mode, you can choose to keep the ones with little to no blur and discard the rest. A smartphone camera consists of a number of movable parts. Turn your phone around and give the camera a firm tap with your finger. There are a number of reasons why a picture can turn out blurry. All you need to know, is that there's tiny stuff moving in your phone and things sometimes get stuck. … The wider your aperture setting (on any lens) the more blur occurs. 8 Reasons Why You SHOULD Invest In A Tripod For Your Smartphone, 4 HIGHLY Recommended Tripods For Smartphones (2020), 3 REALLY Good Reasons To Shoot In Manual Mode With Your Mobile Camera, 8 Ways To Improve The Brightness of Your Photos In Low Light, Fully Explained- How Smartphone Cameras Focus, Digital Noise- What It Is and How to Fix It, How To Take Amazing Photos With Your Phone, Best Fisheye Lenses For Smartphone Cameras. When it comes to cracked or broken glass, there’s really not much you can do to fix the problem yourself. If you normally take pretty nice sharp shots, you have probably already answered your own question. It’s also worth noting that HDR can also cause some blur in your photos. In most cases, this should help the camera snap back into focus. You can get the most out of your smartphone camera by learning how to use it properly. Also, after being on a call, the make-up, oils, or sweat on your face can transfer onto your mobile camera, resulting in hazy photos. The longer the shutter remains activated, the longer it captures the scene. Your lens is slow to start with and sacrificing 2+/- stops is not good. 2.1 Make sure you are using the right lens; 2.2 Clean the lens; 2.3 Remove your case; 2.4 Force close your apps; 2.5 Check for a Software Update; 2.6 Clear the cache; 2.7 Restart your iPhone; 3 … As outlined above, there are some steps you can take to prevent your mobile photos from tuning out blurry. Our fingers are never 100% clean and dry. Smartphones serve multiple purposes and therefore suffer constant use that may result in accelerated wear and tear. And true for any plastic, it might get scuffed and scratched easily. Alright, now that you've tried everything else, time for the simplest fix, which also has the highest success rate, in our experience. Dirty cover glass. Your phone has a set of tiny lenses … Try to find a clean piece of cloth and wipe the lens clean. Most of the lens cover on Android phones is actually made of normal plastic. If your phone’s native camera app is the one that’s giving you issues, try downloading and installing a third-party app. On newer phones, the optical image stabilization can cause the camera lens to move around within your phone, which will cause some very slight dark corners when using the Superfish lens. 5 Key Differences Between A Smartphone Camera And A DSLR Camera. If all of these troubleshooting hardware fixes don’t work, then your problem could … If it doesn't, try shaking the phone or firmly tapping it against your palm. Unless you know what you’re doing or are totally comfortable with taking the risk of taking your phone apart to clean the camera, you’re better off taking your phone to an accredited repair shop. As we already said, it could just be a one-time occurrence, because there's tiny things moving around and sometimes, they get stuck. I feel like this goes without saying but the specifications of your smartphone camera play a big part in how well your mobile photos turn out. It happens all the time with even some very good quality mobile phones. The camera lens may fog up in high humidity areas. And it’s really frustrating to see it taking blurry pictures. RIght? The slower the shutter speed, the blurrier the subject movement becomes. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to fix blurry photos after they’ve been captured. HDR works by taking a couple of pictures at varying exposures in quick succession and then blending them together to create an image that has enhanced detail in the shadows and highlights of the picture. The cause of this is slow shutter speed, which we’ll look at later. You have clean it up to make the picture clearer again. How did this happen? photos. The most common iPhone 6 camera blurry fix is adjusting focus correctly on the object you want to capture. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'thesmartphonephotographer_com-box-3','ezslot_11',149,'0','0']));We’ve all been there before: Something cool is happening and you want to take a picture of it. If there’s a notable difference, then you’ll have to consider getting a better fitting phone cover. iPhone 12 with Unlimited plan from MintMobile. Fingerprints are the most common reason for blurry photos, but often this is overlooked. Troubleshooting a Samsung with blurry camera issue Camera problems can be frustrating but are usually easy to fix. If you’re in control of the situation, you can fix this by asking your subject to remain still until the picture has been taken. Alternatively, there are many great third-party camera apps that give you manual control of your camera including shutter speed. Camera video is blurry, pixelated, discolored, or has glare ... Change the angle or position of your camera so the sun never shines directly on the lens. This might happen when you're taking close-ups against a distant background – the camera might prioritize the background instead of focusing on your subject. If that’s the case, there is a simple solution you can try. Your email address will not be published. There’s a chance that your mobile photo blur is caused by malfunctioning software. Blurry images could also be caused by your phone's camera failing to focus properly. Smartphone cameras have many tiny movable parts that can get stuck. This may solve the auto-focus problem but it creates another. If the camera is not held steady during this process, the pictures that are blended together will not line up correctly. How White Balance Affects Your Mobile Photos, Understanding Focal Length On Smartphone Cameras, Your email address will not be published. Auto-focus works really well on smartphones these days. The more you zoom in to something, the shakier the camera gets, no matter how steady your hands usually are. However, even small movements can cause blur in low-light conditions. 7 Key Differences Between A Good Mobile Camera and A Bad Mobile Camera. In order to capture fast motion without motion blur, you need to use a fast shutter speed. Keep in mind that zooming in can also affect the quality of your mobile photos. If you're unsure about investing in a tripod, I recommend you check out these 8 really good reasons why you should. If your phone has a manual camera mode, enable it and look for the manual focus setting. Having fingerprints all over your lens cover reduces your picture quality by interfering the light coming into the sensor. If you haven't mishandled your device in any way, this could just be a random issue that goes away. If your device uses contrast-detection autofocus, it may take a little longer for your picture to come into focus. Placing an unprotected phone on rough surfaces, putting it in the same pocket with all your coins or car keys can contribute to scratches developing on your camera’s lens. Depending on the autofocus method your phone uses, this is not always an issue during the day but can become a problem in darker situations. In the image above, some water from the mist got on the lens, which is why it’s blurry. Facing the issue of blurry pictures on Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone? Believe it or not, shaking the phone and giving it a gentle tap with your finger or against the palm of your hand has been known to fix this issue for some people. Blurry camera is among the most common camera-related problems with the Samsung Galaxy S6 (#Samsung #GalaxyS6) and we did receive a lot … You can read about some of the benefits here. Force Close the Camera App. On the majority of occasions, the lens has a smudge that causes the issue. Don’t try doing it with your fingers – that’d just make things worse. A system software update is a way to solve the Google Pixel and Pixel XL lens flare problem. Once you've gone through all the basic troubleshooting steps, such as force-closing the camera app and restarting your device, there's something else you might want to try out. However, the issue could also be a result of physical or liquid damage inside the device. A phone with a very tiny sensor or very few megapixels (or a combination of both) will not take pictures that are bright and crisp in quality. Smartphone cameras and their lenses, on the other hand, are more exposed. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe off the camera lens. The simplest software fix you can try is force-closing the Camera app. Of course, feel free to go through all basic troubleshooting steps just to make sure. One of these movable parts is the lens element that moves back and forth in relation to the image sensor as the focus is adjusted. So, having things dangling in front of the lens or obscuring the camera, even slightly, can throw the camera’s focusing mechanisms off track. The causes for camera focusing issues can be numerous and varied. Will Taking Photos In The Rain Damage Your Phone? I’ve personally been in that situation before, so I know full well how frustrating that can be. Subject movement can also cause what is known as motion blur. The only way to get around this is to upgrade to a phone that has a camera with much better camera specifications. A shutter speed of 1/30 means that the image will be captured for 1 thirtieth of a second. or a knock. Watch the video for more details. The bottom line is, lenses need to be calibrated to each camera so you can get sharp images and accurate focusing. Image Stabilisation- What does it actually do? Seriously, just tap the camera. Now try moving the slider left and right to see whether this changes the focus. It might be that the camera is blurry because one of your apps has crashed, or a minor software glitch might be happening. Ordinary cameras usually have a lens cap that protects the lens from getting dirty when not in use. The good news is the following steps will be helpful in resolving your issue of blurry photos when using the camera on your iPhone. If you tend to use various trendy cases for your iPhone, well we suggest you … It can literally be anything from your finger to an ill-fitting phone case, or even that little piece of plastic film that comes attached to your phone when you get it brand new from the box. It could be something simple to solve like a dirty lens or sometimes the problem may be more deep-rooted and require professional assistance. Focus Your Camera. Don’t let it ruin your potentially great smartphone photos. Force Quit and Restart Camera App. Fingerprints on the glass of the rear camera. You try to take another shot but that moment has passed, never to be captured again. This could be either your camera app or your smartphone’s operating system. Seriously, just tap the camera. In order to capture bright mobile photos in low light, the camera needs to expose the sensor to more light for an extended period. With that, coupled with poor lens quality, you are almost certain to experience blurry photos more often than not. You try to login your WhatsApp web application and it could not scan the QR image. Get YOUR FREE copy here. Even if you use an iPhone X, this could easily make your photos appear blurry. Thankfully, we have tap to focus supported by pretty much every modern phone's camera. I know it might seem like overkill to some to buy a tripod but, honestly, it's worth it. It may sound counter-intuitive to whack your expensive new phone around like its some old CRT TV, but it does genuinely work. Smartphone cameras are like no other camera because of the way they’re positioned and handled. When trying to take a picture with your smartphone, it is very easy to move the camera, especially when trying to tap the shutter button. Evidently, blur can be caused by a number of things. But sometimes this is not enough. Don't think too hard about it. If you are a novice at taking photos with a smartphone camera and would like to improve the quality of your mobile photos, I recommend you download my free 22-page ebook that will teach you five ways in which you can do so. If this is a one-time issue, this quick fix should work without a problem. It could have been due to heat (do you use your phone as a dash-cam camera?) If your photos are blurred, out of focus, or have dark spots, try these steps: Make sure that the camera lens is clean. However, damage to the camera’s protective glass can extend further than just a few scratches from unruly house keys. Any or all the factors above can account for OOF or blurry (not the same!) 2 How to fix my iPhone 11 Pro Camera. FCC OKs Cingular's purchase of AT&T Wireless. This may seem obvious but sometimes the reason your photos are blurry is that there’s something right in front of the lens. On top of that, the larger sensor sizes of the phone cameras and any slight manufacturing tolerance differences can cause these dark corners. No matter how good your smartphone’s camera is, something as simple as a dirty lens can result in undesirable photos. Here’s how to fix Google pixel lens blur issue. If you are using a camera or lens without autofocus you will need to look at the focus indicators in the viewfinder to ensure the lens is in focus. Depending on your device and the camera app you use, burst mode can be activated by tapping and holding the shutter button to take several pictures instead of having to press the shutter button each time. All content, features, and design are Copyright 2001-2020 The two most popular auto-focus technologies found on today’s smartphones rely heavily on available lighting. It will completely change the way you take photos with your mobile device. If there’s water, oil from your skin, dirt, sweat, or anything else on your smartphone’s camera lens, it will affect your photos. If during this extended exposure the camera or subject moves even just a little, the resulting picture will be blurry. You can counteract camera movement by enabling image stabilisation on your mobile camera. The first thing all iPhone users should try is wipe off the lens of their camera. When activated, burst mode enables you to take multiple shots at a go. Here are eight possible reasons why your smartphone photos look blurry, and what you can do to solve the problem. Turn your phone around and give the camera a firm tap with your finger. If there’s little to none, the camera algorithm will find it difficult to get the focus right. This can be done by gently rubbing a clean, soft cloth on the glass. However, there is a chance that doing this may remove some protective layers (anti-glare coating) on the glass. Visit for samples and additional information. Unreleased Galaxy S21+ 5G gets compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max in leaked video, Samsung's 5G Galaxy S21+ has been spotted on video for the first time, The Galaxy S21/Plus/Ultra to have way better battery life than the S20 series, here's why, Newest Samsung Galaxy S21 5G leak details storage options, new S Pen cases, Samsung store confirms Galaxy S21 5G launch date, colors, and key specs, Apple needs to fix this iOS issue immediately, Amazon has leaked Motorola's Moto G Stylus (2021), T-Mobile will continue to focus on its 5G network before starting Sprint's shutdown 'in earnest', Here's our best look yet at Samsung's 5G Galaxy S21 series. You can see the lens blur option in your Google camera app. Wipe Off iPhone’s Camera Lens to Fix a Blurry iPhone Camera. iPhone 6 camera has Auto Focus and Auto Exposure lock feature. The camera’s shutter is only active for a short period to capture an image. If you have an iPhone 8 or an older model than that, press and hold the Power button down until a “slide to power off” slider shows up on the screen. It’s possible your iPhone camera is blurry because a different app has crashed, or because your iPhone is experiencing some sort of minor software glitch. The picture quality is further compromised if your smartphone camera uses digital zoom instead of optical zoom. This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. But that’s not to say that it’s impossible to take great pictures at night that are well-exposed and not blurry. That will result in the final picture appearing blurry, as shown below. Otherwise, you need to adjust your shutter speed. Restart or soft reset your phone. A shutter speed of 1/3200s is even quicker and ideal for fast-moving subjects. Constantly dropping your phone can result in cracks on the glass, which will likely cause blur in your photos. Also, make sure you use a reliable, good-quality smartphone mount that will keep your phone safely secured to your tripod and last you a long time. The best way to keep the camera steady, especially when zoomed in, is to use a smartphone camera support system such as a tripod. Some have suggested that you can use toothpaste and a soft cloth to get rid of the scratches. If it seems like it is just part of the lens not adjusting, please ensure the lens is clear of any smudges or debris. A safe method to clean this if it is dirty is with a soft cloth. However, anything that moves during that time becomes blurry. There’s also an option to focus manually. If you’ve been used to taking photos with your phone, you won’t have had many problems with focus. If your diopter is adjusted incorrectly for your eyes you will not … However, smartphones that have suffered some considerable physical damage may require inspection by a professional. This has already been mentioned a couple of times as a possible cause of blurry photos. Therefore, chances are, when you put your phone in your pocket or pull it out from your handbag, your fingerprints will end up on the glass. Your phone's camera might be blurry because of the dirt in the scratches on the lens. Cracks on the camera's protective glass can cause blur. It'll change your photography for the better. The big question is…. In most cases, this should help the camera snap back into focus. If you have checked the camera settings and despite having done a reset, the pictures still came out blurry, it might not be a software problem. If you've done some research on the issue already, then you've probably stumbled upon many tips involving restarting your device, force-closing the camera app, clearing the cache, and others. If you notice any prints, then you should clean the lens. You can order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers at or use the Reprints & Permissions tool that appears at the bottom of each web page. Sometime your mobile camera gets blurry and it doesn’t work properly anymore. Remove iPhone Case. The camera continues to try and clearly focus but will only be clear for a second and then it will take all photos blurry. Poor lighting can cause blurry photos because it makes it difficult for the camera to focus. The two just aren’t built the same. If you've recently dropped or soaked your phone (depending on its IP rating), you may want to keep an eye out for recurring issues. The biggest problem with cracks is that they make it possible for even a dust-proof smartphone to be vulnerable to specks of dust and dirt gathering behind the glass that protects the lens. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing signal strength. Cameras are able to focus by changing the distance between the lens and the sensor. However, if it happens again, we would advise you to take advantage of your warranty and consult an expert. Fingerprints are the most common reason for blurry photos, but often this is overlooked. After falling or being knocked about several times, it is possible that the motor and mechanics of this system can get stuck. If you need to clean the lens… Required fields are marked *, Copyright 2019 The Smartphone Photographer. How to fix your phone’s blurry camera: Cameras have the ability to focus by changing the distance between the lens and the sensor. I would bet that if you’ve never checked, chances are your lenses need to … For example, angle your camera slightly downward or give it some shade that protects its lens from direct sunlight. Minor scratches are not that complicated to fix. If your mobile camera focuses in the wrong area, you can fix this simply by tapping on the screen to an area where you’d like the camera to focus within the frame. 7 Extendable Tripods That Are Great For Smartphones, Everything You Need To Do Food Photography With A Smartphone Like A Pro, Best Telephoto Lenses For Smartphone Cameras, 9 Things Every Beginner Mobile Photographer Should Do, Best Smartphone Tripods for Mobile Food Photography. So, do it at your own risk. The sensor in a phone is very small. You can manually adjust your camera phone’s shutter speed in the manual mode of your native camera app. 1 Why is my iPhone 11 Pro Camera Blurry? It may sound counter-intuitive to whack your expensive new phone around like its some old CRT TV, but it does genuinely work. We’ve written about it all the time, but simply restarting your device … In most cases, smartphone cameras use auto-focus to focus on things that are closest to them, unless you’re using the mobile camera in manual mode. ... Troubleshoot QR code scanning with your phone’s camera; Simply assuming that your lenses and camera, or cameras, are accurate when autofocusing is a huge risk. If after all the cleaning work you are still dealing with "iPhone … As much as this piece of glass or plastic is protective, it is not without its issues. But sometimes smartphone cameras can get a bit confused and focus on the wrong area of the scene. Camera is the second-most used feature (after calling) in our smartphone. So, before taking photos with your phone, have a look at the camera and see if it has any stains or smudges. So, if the blur in your photos happened after you dropped your phone or it came into contact with water, consult an expert or visit your local accredited repair shop. Your Camera Missed Focus Slide it to the right, and the phone will restart in a few seconds. Just like you can’t expect the performance of a race car from an ordinary household car, you can expect a bad mobile camera to give you sharp mobile photos. If you have an iPhone 8 or older model iPhone, press and hold the power button until “slide to power off” appears on the display. Our fingers are never 100% clean and dry. Your camera's image stabilization system, whether it's in-camera or built into the lens can be an incredibly useful piece of tech, allowing you to shoot at shutter speeds much slower than usual. This works wonder when your iPhone is having trouble focusing. Are Attachable Lenses For Smartphone Cameras Really Necessary? While the phone is being handled and placed on various surfaces, the only thing protecting the lens is the protective glass (or plastic, depending on the price and design of the phone) cover that sits right on top of the camera. It’s The Software. The problem is the senso-motor inside the camera module cannot focus because the internal magnets that control and "fix" the camera focus lens in place have become too weak. All you have to do is tap on the object until you see a yellow "AE/AF Lock" box. Take care not to press the shutter button too soon, though.

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