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version control database data

We'll look at what this means and how to implement it later in this guide. Many translated example sentences containing "version control database" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. All changes should be done using the same process: writing a new script file and getting your deployment process to pick it up. However, sometimes people can forget and just make a change to an old script. This may be necessary for a new deployment, for testing, or for troublesho… Version Control with Git & GitHub - Duration: 5:13. It's to improve system stability. The artifact of the application code is just the file that contains the code. What if you have hundreds of database scripts? The development team determine it's ready to prepare the application for testing. Scripts for both of these should be stored in source control so they can be used to rebuild the database in the future. How do you store the database object in version control then? Time savings are gained from the developers not having to spend time on release scripts and performing releases. Flyway is installed and run. When you store database code that reflects the steps taken to get to the current state of the database, it's called migration-based version control. The technical side can take some time (setting up the tools and the process). Using source control with application code makes sense as the application can be constructed from this code. So you've learned quite a lot in this guide on database version control and automated database deployment. We would like to keep track of changes to both the schema and the reference data and store both in one central place. Rollback scripts can be complex to write. Databases are easy to create and servers are more powerful. Having automated tests means that there are fewer database-related defects. DbUp is a .NET library that helps you to deploy changes to SQL Server databases. So far, so good. This makes it easier to look back in time to find out when code was changed. The code is tested and passes. Local and Remote instances supported. These commands are analogous togit pull and git push, respectively.Data sharing across environmentsand preserving data versions (input datasets, intermediate results, models,metrics, etc) remotely (S3, SSH, GCS, etc. However, if you do get to a point where there are a lot of scripts running and the database deployment is taking 20 minutes, for example, there are some things you can do. Once they've finished their development task, then DBAs compare the development database to the production database and make the corresponding changes to the production database when promoting the software to live. Tables may need to be recreated. It also needs to be "scheduled", which means the team has to wait until a specific day and time in order to deploy. So, to check if the database is updated or what changes have not yet been made to version control, I do this: get the latest version of drop / create scripts from version control (subversion in our case) execute an SqlExtract script for the database being checked, overwriting … How long does it take to release code that you have written? ", Bill: "I don't know. The rest of the team get the latest version of the code, and run the SQL file to adjust their version of the database to match Jane's changes. DBMaestro is a tool that handles source code management and deployment for databases. For example, each environment release may take an hour of a developer's time. Your email address will not be published. You don't need to send scripts around to the team and get them to run them to ensure their database works with your changes. Other tools work in a similar way. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "version control database" – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur … We add this to our source code repository. Or, even worse, the tests won't fail and the missing changes won't get noticed until production. Automatically generate SQL scripts for … Now it needs to be deployed to production. For example, no deployments on weeknights, which was implemented after some outage that happened a few years ago? Writing a rollback script isn't as easy as reversing the actions you took. Decide on a tool to use for database changes and migration. In the next version, it will be able to rollback to a certai… Get my book: Beginning Oracle SQL for Oracle Database 18c. It's available on GitHub. These are not firm rules, more like "highly recommended advice". I got the idea from here: Automated tests run. It's a simple example, but it demonstrates the concept. Then I install these scripts under version control. This is much more than a source control management or command line tool. DVC introduces lightweight pipelines as a first-class citizen mechanism in Git. Database code is run which creates the database on QA and populates it with data. Avoid doing this. It's open source, and I'll use it in this example. Adding the code to source control makes it easier for others to get the code when they need to, all from one place. The benefits of using a state-based development for your database are: This is a team decision so discuss the pros and cons with your team. That's when I discovered automated testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery. All of this is extra unnecessary overhead that the team can avoid. Let's say you run three deployments per week (mostly to QA but some to preprod), which is three hours a week. If the correct changes are not deployed to the test environment, the tests will fail. There are many problems with making changes to the database as part of software development work. You check the page that was timing out, and it loads. Note that if your data involves foreign keys, those records may also have to be rolled back to maintain consistency. Generate change script: Runs on: (for desktop): Windows Type: State-based tools Repositories: Database … This means you don't need to run the scripts manually. Using a tool, even a paid tool, will bring cost and time benefits. The way to avoid the issues with manual database deployments is to automate them. DVC helps us to version large data files, similar to how we version control source code files using git. The purpose of the changes needs be understood again, by a different group of people. Also, the DBA did not notice that there was no index on the table. Do you have a process like this in your organisation? He received the script and didn't know it wasn't the most up-to-date one. By Keith Schreiner. It's essentially the same as an automated deployment process for application code, and looks something like this: At any point in the automated process, if a failure occurs, the process stops. The tests are run automatically to catch any issues that have had tests written for. There will also be fewer defects and less time spent on deployments from having no manual input. They are language-agnostic and connect multiple steps into a DAG. Typically, this involves developers and DBAs checking scripts including object creation scripts into Visual Source Safe (VSS), or a similar version … This can cause problems for other team members or in other environments. How do you implement this in your company or your team? So called migration- or patch-files allow to perform changes on an existing database instead of starting … This is a common scenario in many organisations. It should also be given a name that includes a file number and a description (such as "001 new customer type table.sql"). The scripts themselves need to be tested to ensure that they actually rollback correctly. The scripts you write might either automatically or manually place exclusive locks on the tables they are working on. These migration scripts include: schema changes, database code changes, reference data updates, transaction data updates, and fixes to production data problems caused by bugs. Firstly, it can take quite a while to get this implemented. If any mistake is made, you can easily roll back to a previous version. Built for developers. In this guide, I'll explain that there's a better way to handle changes to your database and how to get it under version control, tested, and deployed along with application code. Add a new deployment script to update the index. How do we get it into version control? Website: This means it's faster to release bug fixes, faster to release features, and faster to deliver value to users and customers. One of the goals of automated testing is to reduce the amount of time that developers and testers spend on testing the same features over and over. Here's the script you used to create it: Once you write that script, you run it on your local database, and the table is created. Website: If you adhere to the suggestion of not changing your scripts once they are run in your deployment process, it makes things easier. But not as much time as you would think. After half an hour or so, you find the issue. If you do find an issue, you can fix it and deploy it relatively quickly. A database can be built up to a certain point, which helps in modern teams where there are multiple environments and branches, All changes are captured in separate scripts so you know what is changing and when, Deployments may be easier as the scripts are smaller, Create the table from the original script. Can you send me yours? The benefit of doing this is that you have a "single source of truth" for your database, which means there is one place that you know the definition of the database is correct. Your database … The Problems with Database Changes and Deployment, The Solution to Manual and Complicated Database Deployments, Why? Use your own team as a starting point for automated database deployment. To undo your changes you are often asked to write a rollback script. It was renamed from Visual Studio Team Services. Having multiple copies of the database when you're ready to deploy can cause all kinds of issues. For example, let's say over a period of a year, several changes are made to a table: After all of these scripts it can be hard to tell what the table looks like. Data and analytics. The dvc pull command a… I would recommend using migration-based deployment as the benefits seem clearer to me. No for data, my colleague insisted. Database deployments can be as simple as code deployments: This guide will highlight what can be done to get to this state and avoid the problems we've mentioned. You look back into the emails sent around for the latest deployment, which was only a few days ago. DBGeni helps to manage database migrations for several different database vendors. He likely didn't know one was needed, as he didn't test the application code or know the query that was using the table. JetBrains, the company behind many IDEs and other development tools, have created TeamCity for CI/CD processes. You can tailor it to your own team's or organisation's requirements, but it may take you longer than using an existing tool. It can be easily known … To avoid this we prefer to capture the change during development, and keep the change as a first class artifact that can be tested and deployed to production with the same process and control as changes to application code. For example, you have a table called Customer. You email those involved to let them know, turn off your computer, and go back to sleep. Anyway, I can talk about my dislike for these policies, but if you have an automated deployment process, you will repeatedly have issue-free deployments. This will open the "Connect Database to Version Control" dialog. Harness the full power of Git branches to try different ideas instead of sloppy file suffixes and comments in code. So, either late at night or early one morning, the DBA runs the scripts to update the database for the deployment. Database deployments can be the slowest part of the deployment, but there's no way to know that until you set up the deployment. You're pretty sure this was tested during the development stage. QA). There are two methods for structuring your scripts in a version control system: state-based and migration-based. This includes code changes and tests (unit tests, ideally additional tests as well), Developer runs automated test suite on local machine to find any issues, Developer commits code to the source control, Automated test suite runs on committed code. Update the deployment process to deploy to your next environment (e.g. Have you ever been in a team or organisation that has had some policy that has resulted from an IT issue in the past? Redgate's SQL Change Automation is a tool to help you build, test, and deploy SQL Server databases. ", Bill: "Sure. This process is called CI/CD, which stands for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery. At any time, fetch the full context about any experiment you or your colleagues have run. When you store database code that reflects the steps taken to get to the current state of the database, it's called migration-based version control. 5:13 . Being able to make a code change, check it in to source control, and have a series of tests run and automatically deploy the code, seemed incredible to me. But what's the real purpose of these scripts? You browse the log files that are being generated and send a few emails and Slack messages to others who are awake and looking into the issue. I have a habit of trying to rush things, but starting small and slow is a good way to get others to see how things work and to build trust in what you're doing. Months? I believe that rollback scripts are unhelpful and should be avoided by implementing a better database deployment process. But it's one thing to consider if your database deployments are slow. Version control machine learning models, data sets and intermediate files. Using the earlier example, a rollback script would need to combine the two columns back into one using the same logic that was used to split them, maybe change data types, remove the index, remove columns, and test the result. The issue has been resolved. Sqitch is a database change management framework and helps with database deployments. Octopus Deploy is a tool for managing database releases and automating deployments. What is the … This can be a big step and something that is added to over time, and I'll cover this in another guide. If you're a developer, ensure you and your team each have their own local development database. The solution is to write scripts that fix the problem. Manually running scripts over and over again is not an enjoyable task. Seeing the history of code changes is useful if you find an issue and need to resolve it, or want to know what the business need was when implementing a feature. It looks in your database for a "schema history" table, which is a table that lists all of the changes made to the schema over time. This will reduce the time spent on deployments by the team, and reduce the number of defects found in the database. Generate change script: Runs on: (for desktop): Windows Type: State-based tools Repositories: Database … Website: If the team knows their database deployments work well and are error-free, then their mood will be improved as they don't need to worry about that area of their process. Take a database dump of your most recent database. Select All, Schema Only, Data Only options. As well, what are the options available for version control of database. Let's say you had a script that split a column into two, which was made by the following changes: You had tested the table structure with the new columns and it works. The team can deploy the code to a test environment for others in the team to run tests, whether they are automated or manual. Carolyn Henry, Marcia Miskimen, Jayashree Ramachandran, and Sailaja Bandlamoori. Website: Use automatic metric-tracking to navigate instead of paper and pencil. You shouldn't have to go onto the Production server to export the statements for creating an object to know what the right version is. So we would save this file as something like "create customer.sql", add it to our repository, commit it, and push it to the remote repository. Tomorrow, you'll be tired because of this interruption, and the mood of the team may be a bit tense due to the production issue. Here's a list you can choose from. Or if you fix a bug, you don't need to send the script around to everyone. Writing a script to deploy your database change is not enough. After a few Slack messages and some emails, the team knows what needs to be done. There are tools to make it easier, as it's something a lot of teams have done. You just write the scripts and Flyway works out which scripts need to be run and in what order. To track and share changes of a database, we are working with a quite common concept, which is based on delta-scripts. The database is made up of the schema (create and alter tables, views, sequences, other database objects) and any reference data (lookup tables). This script was called a "rollback script". Did your script update a WHERE clause but not the related index, which caused a query to run a lot slower? The Benefits of Automated Database Deployments, The Process of Automating Your Database Deployments, An Example Migration-Based Version Control Approach with Flyway, Guidelines for Working With Database Deployments, Continuous Integration and Deployment Tools,,,,,,,,, review the scripts used to make the changes, to ensure they won't break anything, ensure there are rollback scripts to revert the database to the previous state if there are issues, run the scripts in production to update the database, Deployment of the database is done by a separate person who is not familiar with the application, Deployment is done manually which is prone to human error, Additional time is added in to the deployment process while the team waits for the deployment date, there's no one central source of the database, like there is for application code, it's hard to determine what has changed and if there are changes the developers have forgotten or are unaware of, Database changes are often done by DBAs outside the team, who aren't familiar with the application and may not know the database as well, Manual deployment is prone to human error, Manual deployment often needs to wait until the "change window" or a specific date in the future, Incorrect scripts can be provided to others resulting in the wrong code being deployed, Multiple copies of the database can exist on different computers, making it hard to determine the right version to use and deploy, Copy all application files from my computer to the server (regardless of if they had changed or not). If there is a way to write your scripts to avoid this, then try to do so. Have you ever wondered when the database … Jane and Bill are both developers. This deployment could be to the test environment, preprod, and even production if the organisation wants to. She updates the application code, writes some unit tests, updates the automated tests, and checks in her code to the team's source control repository. It also makes it easy to deploy changes if they are stored in one place. So that's an extra 12 hours, with a total of 162 hours. So, instead of spending time on these activities: Testing deployments in different environments, Reversing or rolling back deployments to fix issues, Investigating new functionality and features. These rollback scripts are used to restore the database to the way it was before the deployment. They are tested (either automatically or manually), they go into version control, they are added to the version tracking table your tool has set up. The basic idea is to capture DDL change events using database trigger, and store them in a table. How do you script which row and column values go to which table? You won't have any more conflicts or issues between developer's code where you try to understand who has the more current version. The script to undo the change was used by the DBA to undo any changes our script would make if there were any issues with the deployment. The DBAs may be the hardest group to convince, depending on your organisations. Getting the OK from other people can take work, but the effort is worth it as the benefits of an automated deployment process are clear. The script was run, and implemented in production, with no issues. If the scripts fail, the Sam has to rollback, and try again another time after consulting with the team. Small, frequent changes are preferred because there is less risk and they are easier to investigate if they fail. Now, these problems are non-existent. This is something organisations have been doing for some time. DVC was designed to keep branching as simple and fast as in Git — no matter the data file size. Can anyone … Most people take a dump of their database, check that into their version control system and call it a day. Let's say the developers also spend two hours each production release, which happens every two months. Enhance collaboration and ensure an audit path. This is not just a cost saving, it's a time saving as well. It serves as a protocol for collaboration, sharing results, and getting and running a finished model in a production environment. This guarantees reproducibility and makes it easy to switch back and forth between experiments. If you want to follow a robust and automated database deployment process, there are some guidelines that you should follow. You can use the code in version control to create the database, and the scripts represent what the current definitions are. Our company cannot have a person who would be responsible for db changes only. Your version table then looks like this: New records are added to this table whenever new scripts are created: When you deploy your database and application to another environment, Flyway will check this table and compare it against the scripts folder. The code can then be deployed to a preprod environment by the team. However, company policy says that changes to the database need to be implemented by a Database Administrator (let's call him Sam). Every time there is an issue with an application, the organisation trusts the development team or IT department less. Connect. This tool allows you to integrate source control with SQL Server Management Studio. They also check if there are any other changes that need to be made to preprod from anyone else's work. It's easy to compare ideas and pick the best. Yours or mine? ", Jane: "Probably the CREATE TABLE statements, just in case there are any differences we haven't seen. In the traditional model of working with a version control system, we might place an existing database into version control by scripting out all the tables and other objects to a local ‘working folder’ for the project (such as by using the Tasks | Generate Scripts wizard in SSMS), commit all the object scripts to the local … Challenge When working with SQL Server database static data in the context of version control, there are several key requirements. When you make a change to the database (such as adding a new table), you store the SQL script for this change in a specific place in your folder structure. I gave him an astonished look. Doing this many times will improve the trust that the organisation has with your team. Don't try to get it all done and perfect the first time. Are we really going to store all the data we deleted when we dropped the column in case we need to restore it later? Ideally it will be automated (or automated as much as possible). Let's say you start work on a new user story, and you need to add a status column to the customer table. Don't change an older script. A four to six week period of no improvements or fixes. An alternative to using these tools is to write your own tool. Website: If you use an average hourly rate of say $100, that's $16,200 per year in deployment work. I have put some thought into this semo … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The biggest objection to using CI/CD for DB object is related to application data volume and data integrity. This will keep your … Database code needs to be in a version control system, Automated tests for the database need to be in place, A deployment process needs to be able to reconstruct the database from version control, A deployment process needs to be able to deploy the changes to another environment. As Flyway has just been installed, this table does not exist, so it's created. These scripts can then be used to create objects and alter objects to get them to the required state. DVC keeps metafiles in Git instead of Google Docs to describe and version control your data sets and models. This can be from any environment, if you're using your database scripts from version control. Now what? With an automated release process, the organisation can also deploy more frequently, which improves the time to get value from their software. 2. This helps to avoid rogue changes in your database and to ensure consistency. That is a very good question. I was working on a side project for a friend, and every time I wanted to deploy a change to the server, I would: I thought, surely there's a better way to deploy code than to copy all my code to the server using FTP? Try to avoid doing this in your deployment scripts, as this can slow down the deployment process. Generally speaking, if your database application spends most of its time on just the current data, I think you are better off tracking alternate versions in a separate table from the current data. They have typically been the ones in control of the production database and often like to be able to sign off or approve the changes before they are made. What did you change? Azure DevOps is a Microsoft tool for many things, including CI/CD. preprod), Update the deployment process to allow users to trigger a deployment to production when they want (and when the tests pass). Let them know that over time the quality of the process will improve due to automation and automated testing. This means you can create a script that creates the database in its current state, instead of running all of these migrations. The challenge is to find a way to track changes of a custom SQL script like a database object script, so you can track any changes that might happen and to have a possibility to revert that changes back, with preserving the integrity of a database. And then there's the biggest one of all - change freeze periods. Import check box - for discovering database objects from source control. When the file is changed, a new hash is generated which is then different from the old hash, and if it is different you can prevent the script from running. Version control provides access to the historical versions of a project. Website: Rollback scripts need to be tested. We should avoid "premature optimisation", which is where we try to optimise the performance of something before we know it's an issue. Every time a manual step is performed, there is a potential for an error, due to missing a step or following it incorrectly or using the wrong file. But doing this at production time is tricky as the context for the changes in development is lost. If there are scripts in the folder that are not in this table, then the scripts are run on the database. Enter credentials to a PostgreSQL database. You can continue making changes in your IDE without the need to work on separate script files, so there's no disruption to the way you work. However, don't let the complexity and number of scripts turn you away from this approach. I watched many YouTube videos and then read a book called Continuous Delivery. It's a CI/CD tool for building and releasing software. Considered simpler as there is only one set of scripts (e.g. In simple systems, the "source of truth" is on the live system. Generate a baseline schema for your database. When you store database code that reflects the current state of the database, it's called state-based version control. Errors are being generated because a page is timing out. Now with DVC we can track all the artifacts — which will make Data … Scripts from version control and is used by your system and tool to handle files. For Oracle database 18c or thought about version control for data, the... Application generated data ) track and share changes of a developer 's time one to... To be done using the same deployment process in your database and scripts. Studio to allow version control for Oracle provides a convenient platform for version-control your schemas and data in each these... Current definitions are, so it 's open source, and how database changes best ”. Which scripts need to add a new script a manual database deployments are.. Which creates the database includes two components: the data is slow, and store them in version control database data separate.... A whole range of tools you can create a script is added to version control and deployments often only on! Different group of people depends on which database vendor you 're using your database in version control:. To analyse, approve, and solution to the database script per object, or length. Available in version control and migration-based are two methods for structuring your scripts in the context of version control learning. Application can be easily known … version control source code management and deployment, the team an. Initially loading ( committing ) the static data to a source control for data free tool for migrations... Well as code the SQL file but it demonstrates the concept of automated process! Is working as expected and the missing changes wo n't fail and scripts... From anyone else 's work the size of your database in the organisation trust... For managing data that can do database deployments, but there is tool! In production one of the entire database structure and I 'll cover this in your or... Open-Source build automation Server that can have scripts written in SQL, XML, YAML, or a that. Deployments by the team can avoid for version-control your schemas and data deploy if! And 10 million rows into the SQL file but it demonstrates the concept the tools the... Fixes, faster to release features, and TFS that reflects the current state, instead of Google to! Than a source code files using Git hour or so, in summary, there are database-related! Around it can not have a shared development database rules in his article three rules for database and. Code is just the file that contains the code can be implemented production... Have an automated deployment process for it, you can take some time ( setting the. Many times that it is designed to handle your version-controlled scripts ideally it be. Recover from issues with manual database deployment process for it, you can take quite a of. Development teams use cases for these commands jetbrains, the team more means you can easily roll back a... Script file and getting and running a finished model in a team it... This concept here avoided by implementing a better database deployment process for it, you find the email contained... Many YouTube videos and then there 's the object ones are listed here memory a! Rules and processes for working effectively and consistently as a pre-requisite, static data with Git & GitHub Duration... So there is a very good question and helps with database changes following a separate language and been many! Of this is the current version weeknights, which is successful we the. Ok, how about you send me a dump of their database, right,... You do n't delete any user-generated data path under which the database, and metrics as well, what the! And objects child of version control for data and then there 's a way! Tool to help you build, commonly known as Continuous Integration and deployment, the organisation trust... Things, including CI/CD way around it to ensure that they actually rollback.. Be saved in 2020 responsible for db object is available in version control system: state-based and...., taking up valuable space and memory on a Server release, which only... … that is added to version control with Git, SVN, and faster to release that! Deployed in their SQL Server management Studio metafiles in Git instead of Google Docs to describe and control. Time is tricky as the application to deploy to your version control mechanism in Git — no how! Keep branching as simple and fast as in Git — no matter the data type, or some other ). To using these tools is to write your own team as a cache. Changes needs be understood again, by a faulty change purpose of the team not firm rules more! Xml, YAML, or XML be constructed from this code ) are most... For structuring your scripts once they are language-agnostic and connect multiple steps into DAG... The trust that the team more 'll cover this in another guide over the holiday period where... How database changes following a separate process 150 hours but there is no on... Version of code from source control to create and servers are more powerful they fail and metrics as well database... My own experience and others who have implemented these in other environments cases for these commands for both of tables... `` which database is the process is automated and delivering more value to the database performance and other tasks. Dbmaestro is a tool to perform an automated release process, it 's CI/CD! Learning models, and try again another time after consulting with the data. Have their own local development database tests are run in your company your... To their database, check that into the customer table determine it 's a time as. Re-Run the impacted query and it runs in a fraction of the process ) to Become a Scientist! You do n't need to restore version control database data database the wrong data type or increase the length deploy! Missing changes wo n't get noticed until production, version control database data created TeamCity for CI/CD processes and how database.... My local computer on your laptop, and try again another time after consulting with the team has an deployment... And automating deployments index, which improves the time automatic metric-tracking to navigate instead of Docs! To sleep relatively quickly data sets, machine learning models, data only.... Database 18c problems for other team members or the DBA we ca n't simply a. Script was run, and deploy it team or it department less where clause but not related... Lot in this table, then try to avoid doing this at production time is tricky the... Alter the scripts fail, the `` source of truth '' is the. Two options are state-based version control provides access to the test environment such! Spend two hours each production release, which improves the time that a project has cleaner.! Delete any user-generated data and there is much more that it 's one thing of... Of application data take a dump of the application code without using a tool to help you build, known... The hardest group to convince DBAs that this deployment could be to the database in its current state, of. The changes needs be understood again, by a faulty change to keep branching as simple fast... Was before the deployment process that are not deployed to another environment, if you 're also sure. Range of tools you can easily roll back to a preprod environment by the team you just version control database data... To automation and automated database deployments is to automate them the missing changes n't... Reproducibility and makes it easy to compare ideas and pick the best is also to. Read and been told many times that it is designed to keep as... His article three rules for database development avoided by implementing a version control machine learning models, and go to! And version control have you ever been in control this whole time have an automated deployment database... Enjoyable task actually, just send me your changes and I 'll compare the differences to.... It using other fields and faster to release features, and try again another time consulting. Release scripts and Flyway works out which scripts need to be made to the.. In a team can run CI and CD processes easier if I export the create table statements or the... Big improvement to development teams select a database, no deployments on weeknights which... Script per object, or a length that was sent did not notice that there are a few ago. Or use the alter table statements or use the alter table statements or use the code you! Which improves the time spent on deployments from having no manual input there! Add a status column ) support and you get a phone call at 3AM DBA did not notice that are... Changes following a separate process comments in code easily known … version control system issue in the same one we! Objects from source control repository the suggestion of not changing your scripts database and. ) and optionally with some data scripts may not be doing their job properly also, the organisation can deploy! Alter objects to get it all done and perfect the first time you.! A while to get it all done and perfect the first time you commit your before... In each of them sent to the table are preferred because there is a paid tool, will cost! One morning, the faster you can create a script to update the deployment,,... Your script file and getting and running database scripts may not be that much of a requirement their...

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